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Michaela was born as a summer child on 12th July, 1994 in a small picturesque Ostrava City part called Svinov – originally an ancient Silesian municipality – which was an autonomous town in 1936-1957.

As a child of school age she crossed the door of the local ancient building of the elementary plus art school in the Bílovecká street a short time after she reached the age of six in order to pass her first five-year period in the educational process, and later – after due consideration – she continued her study at the eight-year Dana & Emil Zátopek Sports Secondary School in Ostrava – Zábřeh where she attends the forth class now, i.e. in 2009.

She was led by her parents to ski sports.

She ran downhill boards already as a two-and-half-year child... Between the age of four and five – in the life free of fear – she ran down any hill with skis on her feet. At the age of eight, as expected, she began to attend her first ski sport club: SKI Vítkovice Bílá where she picked up very good fundamentals in downhill skiing under the leadership by the trainer Mr. Tomáš Ťavoda, and began to win first real laurels in mounting skiing in the Moravian races of the 'Stop for drugs' series.

Although Michaela devoted her time to her favorite downhill skiing in the winter season 2005-2006, at the end of the summer vacancies when the season began she experienced her first ski jump on the small K 15 jump at the Rožnov pod Radhoštěm town.

In spring 2006 the twelve-year Michaela Doleželová began to devote herself fully to the ski jumping under the leadership by the trainers Mr. Martin Přidal and Mr. Pavel Mikeska; that year she also won the unofficial pupils' Championship of the Czech Republic among girls, and she repeated her wins in pupils' championships in each following year when she participated in the category.

During the same year Michaela jumped on the middle jump K 90 in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm town for the first time and successfully within the frame of her summer preparation; this brought her the chance to participate in the actions of the Continental Women Cup (CoC) in Germany, Austria, Italia, and first of all in the Junior World Championship in the Italian Tarvisio where she was twentieth in the total standing as a girl at the age of twelve.

In spring 2007 the time of Michaela's activities and a training preparation in the sport club TJ Sokol Kozlovice began where she continued the training already under the separate trainer leadership by Mr. Pavel Mikeska who is the "guru" of the women ski jumping in our country.

Since 2008 Mr. Jaroslav Sakala came in the position of the Czech national women representation trainer; Mr. Sakala had been a very successful ski jumper in the past. Michaela reached overall improvement, and first of all her form was stabilized in the terms of certain equality between her jumps during trainings and during races.

This June (2009) Michaela Doleželová gained engagement in the deployed army club Dukla Frenštát pod Radhoštěm (which is organizationally subordinated to ASO Dukla Liberec), and is included in the Centrum individuálních sportů (CISO) Project (i.e. The Center for Individual Sports in Ostrava), the aim of which is to support sport preparations of young auspicious members of sport clubs located in Ostrava and in the Moravian-Silesian Region, at the age from 10 to 26, in the selected individual sports included in the Olympic Program and in the National Representation.

Michaela plays violin since the age of five, attends music lessons at the Svinov Art School in which she had crowned the seven-year first-cycle study successfully in 2008, and continued to study 1st year of the second cycle. In the period between the age of five and eleven she was engaged in the choirs called Klíček, Zvoneček and Cantabu; she was successful in a singer role in the 'Cesta naboso' musical (i.e. The Way with Bare Feet) by the authors Dobroslav Lidmila and Lýdie Románská; till the age of twelve she also acted in the Opavička dancing chorus. Dancing and singing always attracted Michaela and she enjoyed them however it was not possible to fit these art interests together with time demands and needs of the top sport activities; it was necessary to decide... the sport won.

Michaela has a personal relation to craftworks of all types, especially to ceramic products and freehand drawing. Beside violin she likes to play several other music instruments - guitar, flute and key instruments. She loves the nature and animals, particularly, her hamster and dog called Alfik. She is interested in physical education, mathematics, chemistry and physics in the school... as regards recreational sports she likes swimming, diving, cycling and both roller-skates, and ice-skates, ski sports of all types, especially adrenalin sports.

Michaela is a very quiet, peaceful, dutiful, friendly and introverted girl... a girl who is able to get her way.

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